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About Bus Stop

Where did we get the name?

For years, the corner where this funky building is located was called the bus stop. It was where residents waited for daily buses to Boston or Salem. So naming the store Bus Stop was a “natural”. Forty-eight years later, the bus to Boston still leaves nearby.

When first opened in 1975, the shop, half its present size, was full of wonderful crafts made by owner Kathy Bruin, and many local artists.  It was the era of plant hangers, pottery, leaded glass, and imaginative fabric items–baby quilts and bonnets, embroidered t-shirts, patchwork pillows, and handmade clothing.  Sewing machine, ironing board, and three year old Steve in the back, it was a workshop and retail space all in one.  Gradually more and more clothing items were added and more were commercially made.  In 1987 the building was renovated and Bus Stop expanded into both sides.

Like an artist’s canvas that’s continually changing, the store has always been a source of carefully selected, well-made clothing and accessories, gift items too.  Quality, distinctive style and colors, lots of natural fibers, lots made in USA–all at affordable prices!  Combined with helpful staff and creative customers, shopping here is a great experience.  As one satisfied shopper said “this is like being in a friend’s bedroom, trying on all their clothes!  It’s so much fun!”